Time for Palestine

Posted: 12 November 2012
If you have already signed the petition please send an urgent message below.

In days the UN could recognise a Palestinian state – this is the best chance in decades for Middle East peace and freedom. And we can tip the balance to make it happen.

A “yes” vote could pave the way for two states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side in peace and security. If Europe votes in favour, it could jump-start a resolution of the conflict and break the chains that have held peace hostage to failed talks for decades. But the US and Israel are bullying European leaders to crush this vote, and they will only support Palestinians if they feel massive public pressure.

The bid makes sense — polls show the global public support a state, it’s morally and strategically right, and if it fails, we may have decades more of violence! Countries are deciding their positions right now. Sign the petition on the right or send a direct message below to European leaders to support Palestinian statehood now and kick start a new path to peace:

This is the text of the petition on avaaz.org (link).

It’s time to give peace a chance!


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