Hey there – It’s just a ride, man! Enjoy it

well, that’s what I found out, surfing around on the insides of youtube.com, looking for an old song I’ve not heard for a long time… that’s how things come together… incidentally xD

Now THIS is a real intresting view of things, I believe, ain’t it?

Truly, you’ve got to have an idea, what he’s talking about, don’t you? He’s just talking about life and reality – or at least that’s what we usually call it. But having it put his way, it get’s way more bareable. That’s what I call PISS – Put It Short and Simple. I ain’t a Keeper ;)

The only thing is, you got to remember, when you lose your body here, you’ll lose it – that’s a game rule. But now you know, that there must be something beyond this plain and that is, what makes life worth living. Should never forget about that now-and-here is all we’ve got, all that is; this very moment of now, that is, what is real… at least as real as we get it while we are alive. After death we usually just go back and take a look around, to decide what we want next, what new experience we want to make and decide how we would like to hear, see, smell, sense and taste the world’s gifts. And that includes the possibility not to be able to experience one or more of these sensory perceptions.

What I want to point out is, that this all has to be seen from a different perspective. From a perspective which is not our present one as we are incarnated (= in-the-flesh, „carnis“ is Latin for „flesh“). You have to keep that in mind.


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