Withdraw the light bulb sale prohibition

There’s a petition on avaaz.org to withdraw the light bulb sale prohibition.

I roughly tried to correct some of the main spelling mistakes of the origin (and realized a major absurdity in (5) as well in German as in the English translation which I have corrected here on my blog in a way it makes sense and was most probably meant in first place anyway):

(1) Incandescence-lamps in heated rooms (i.e. in most cases) participate with their heat „loss“ to 100 percent at the room-heating. Using them no longer therefore merely postpones the relevant energy costs from the electricity into the heating costs-bill. There however they don’t attract attention because they are too small in relation. A delusion! The energy-savings under a closer view (insufficient efficiency of the electricity-generation) obviously doesn’t justify any prohibition.

(2) The light of the incandescence-lamps is physiologically unopposedly agreeable and advantageous. Some surfaces (paintings) don’t tolerate any fluorescent-lamp-light because that light falsifies their colors. Furthermore these paintings suffer from the irradiation.

(3) Fluorescent-lamps do damage to the environment and the health of the affected people because of the mercury vapor contained within them.

(4) Fluorescent-lamps take the current from the power line with repeated abrupt increases in each semi-wave (re-ignitions) and therefore generate electric and acoustic sturgeon-radiation at higher frequencies. Although in general inaudible these can nevertheless have an adverse effect for people; furthermore some animals hear them and are possibly seriously disturbed by them.

(5) The prohibition of incandescence-lamps in favor of the „energy-saving-lamps“ (in reality merely electricity-saving-lamps) is a programme for increasing the profit for the manufacturers.

Much more information can be read here http://freedomlightbulb.org and here http://ceolas.net.


2 Antworten to “Withdraw the light bulb sale prohibition”

  1. 5 = profit rather than turnover
    incandescents are a generic patent expired technology
    complex patented alternatives are more profitable
    A simple question for doubters is why the major manufacturers welcomed the ban..why welcome what you can or can’t make ;-)

    thanks for the links!
    also see http://sylbtw.org

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